18 USC 2257 Declaration

MYM does not produce (in any way) the content available on the mym.fans website. With regards to the American law 18 USC 2257, for all content available on this site, please send your request to the creator who posted the content.
MYM is a social network that enables the sharing and viewing of different types of content (videos and photos). Even though MYM does its best to verify the compliance of all hosted content, its is possible that its checks are not always 100% effective.
MYM respects the following procedures to ensure conformity:
- Demand that all “creator” users are 18 years old or over to sign up and add videos and photos.
- To get help and/or information about identifying the creator of certain content, please contact our customer relations service at support@mym.fans.
MYM enables its users to report content as inappropriate. If certain content is reported as being illegal, harassing, harmful, offensive, or for any other reason, MYM will delete it immediately from its platform.
MYM users who find this sort of content are asked to report it as inappropriate by clicking on the "Report this content" link located under each video and photo.