Privacy policy

MYM collects your data when you create your account. You can check out our F.A.Q. for more information about your account.

1. All MYM content is managed and stored by third party partners to ensure legitimacy and legality.
2. The banking information is managed by our external partners.
3. MYM user data is not shared with external partners.
Users are either content creators or fans. Content creators post content for their fans who pay a subscription to track them.
Fans can request private and personalized content from the content creators they follow. They can decide to accept or reject requests. In case of acceptance, they set a price that fans accept or refuse if they consider it too high.

Information collected

The information you choose to communicate to us.
The information MYM requires to take advantage of its services.
Potential information collected through external partners.

Informations that content creators communicate:
1. Name First name
2. Full address
3. Biography
4. Company name and intra-Community VAT number
5. Mobile phone
6. Email
7. Username
8. Date of birth
9. Passport copy
10. Email PayPal

Informations that "fans" are communicating:
1. Name First name
2. Full address
3. Mobile phone
4. Email
5. Username
6. Date of birth

Information obtained when the service is used

When you use the MYM service, we collect information about the content you publish, share, or view.
For example:
MYM grants itself the right to be able to consult the shared contents to verify that they comply with the request. Also, that these contents do not break the law.
Navigation Data: MYM collects IP addresses and other identifying information, as well as the type of device you use to view MYM services. The geolocation data can also be collected (GPS, Wifi, IP, Cookies), as well as the advertising identifiers, the type of browser used, the language and the applications installed within your smartphone.
Data collected by cookies: MYM cookies used are Google session and analytics cookies, as well as cookies for recording your browsing preferences, such as the language used.
Credentials: We collect credentials when you use MYM services.

These data can be:
1. How to access MYM services (web, mobile, Facebook Connect)
2. Information about the browser or language used
3. The date and time of navigation
4. The pages viewed
5. The IP address (es)

How we use the collected data

We collect all of this data for:
Guarantee the best possible navigation experience
Communicate easily with users of MYM services
Analyze user behaviors to better understand their expectations
Check user identities and comply with legal requirements
Impose our terms of use and privacy policy

How we share information

With subscribers:
The information that constitutes your profile (nickname, biography, profile picture)
Additional information you have agreed to share
Content posted privately by content creators, as well as photo or video content shared with fans
With everyone:
Information posted publicly by creators of content

How long MYM retains content

The contents can be deleted on simple request:
If you delete your account, your data will be deleted after six months.