The 10 Commandments

to boost your following and revenue

1. Complete your profile to 100%

A fully completed profile is much more attractive

Provide an attractive and detailed biography with what you offer on your MYM

Remember to add a cover photo which will be displayed to your followers

Add all your social networks so your community can increase

Add the attractive # that characterise you the most (#sexy, #model, #blonde, etc)

Tip : using the same username as Instagram or Snapchat will allow your subscribers to quickly identify you.
In order to optimize your chances of appearing on the MYM newsfeed and social networks partners, fill in a nickname that is neutral without any sexual connotations.

3. Share your MYM on your social networks

Create stories on your accounts regularly Instagram , Snapchat and to show your community that you have added new content to your profile, and remember to include the link to your MYM!

Important: The best stories are the ones with a video of you explaining what MYM is and what your community can find there. Add your personal link to the parameters of the story rather than in the image. This option is open to the accounts with more than 10 000 followers on Instagram:

4. Add your MYM link in your bios

A very simple way to get more followers

5. Be reactive about your offers

Try to answer all your requests within 24 hours

You can of course decline requests that do not match your universe, but your responsiveness will be your strength.

Your subscribers will accept your offers much more easily if you answer immediately.

6. Publish regularly on MYM

You will enhance your chances of being shared once again on partners networks and on the MYM home page

Remember not to neglect video content, it is much appreciated by users (and your fans)

You will keep your followers in the long run and get more renewals thanks to daily posts


8. Spoil your followers

Publish content expected by your followers, keep them captivated.
Answer as soon as possible to private media requests.
Don’t offer disproportionate prices in order to maximise your chances.
Remember to leave nice messages in the comments section of your media.

9. Keep in touch with your followers

Be active on the chat

Keep in touch with your followers on chat to suggest new exclusive and private content, or ask them to send you private media. Send little messages to your followers who have unsubscribed and convince them to stay.

10. Trust us!

The MYM team takes all your comments into account in order to offer a unique experience and an easy use of the platform MYM is committed on a daily basis to helping you develop your community!
So let’s grow together, this is just the beginning!

If you need help, please visit our support site.